How To Organize Your Home With Labels

26th Mar 2022

How To Organize Your Home With Labels

Do you want your home to stay clean and organized after decluttering? Labels are a must! Not only do they look beautiful, but labels establish your organized home.

They help you remember your organizing decisions and hold the rest of your family accountable. Things will be much easier to find and put away with a label system in place!

Ready to label? Check out our ideas for every room in your home.

Home Organization Labels
Bluebird Heaven

Entryway Labels

An organized entryway is the key to a stress-free morning. Don't waste time searching for that pair of shoes or your car keys. Use labels to give everything a permanent home.

The Keys

Hate the frustration of looking for your car keys every morning? Make a place just for them. Buy a key tray or just use a decorative plate. Label one side for you and one for your significant other.

How to Organize Your Home With Labels

The Shoes

Label a small tote or basket for each family member. Take off your shoes and store them while you are at home and easily find your favorite pair on your way out the door.

The Coats

Take advantage of wall space with labeled coat hooks. Backpacks, purses, hats, scarves, and jackets will all have a place.

Pantry Organization Labels

Kitchen Labels

The kitchen is by far the most popular space to label. Pinterest is full of perfectly labeled pantries and organized spices.

Your ingredients will beautiful with a uniform font, size, and style. Check out our labels for a custom look.

The Refrigerator

The pantry is a popular place to organize, but the refrigerator often gets forgotten. Make a place for everything and limit food waste. Label by shelf or drawer to easily find leftovers, fruits, vegetables, dairy, or kid's snacks.

Spices Organization Labels

The Spices

Kitchen spices are functional and beautiful. Label the top, the front, or both depending on how you store them.

The Pantry

There is nothing like a beautifully labeled pantry. Choose from different sizes and shapes to fit each container. Don't stop with the containers, but also label each shelf. Come up with categories that will work best for you like baking, snacks, or canned goods.

Closet Organization Labels
Martha Stewart

Closet Labels

An organized closet is a game-changer. Label shelves, totes, and baskets to keep it that way.

The Linen Closet

A linen closet should be functional. Label shelves and totes to make finding extra sheets and towels a breeze.

The Cleaning Closet

Want to get your family involved in the cleaning? Organize your cleaning supplies by category! Label a tote for disinfectants, dusting, mopping, or glass. When there's a mess, your family will know where to find the right tools.

Custom Organization Labels
The Inspired Room

The Catch-All Closet

We all have one - a closet filled with random supplies, toys, or tools that don't seem to fit in any other category. The key here is labeled baskets.

Bathroom Organization Labels
Brit + Co

Bathroom Labels

Soap, cotton balls, and bath bombs look so much more beautiful in glass containers. Label the everyday necessities for a spa-like bathroom experience.

The Medicine Cabinet

The last thing you want to do when you have a headache or wake up to a sick child in the middle of the night is to search through the medicine cabinet. Put the medicine into categories like allergy, pain relief, and children's medicine. Label each container to make sure things stay in order.

The Makeup Collection

Make getting ready a breeze by organizing your makeup collection. Create categories that work for you and label drawers and dividers to keep your organization system in place.

Craft Room Organization Labels

Craft Room Labels

Your craft room or office must be organized for you to stay inspired and productive. Make supplies easy to find and put away with a label system.

The Office Supplies

Clear bins and labels are a great way to organize office supplies. You will be able to find what you need quickly, and your space will always look neat.

The Sewing Supplies

Organize your thread and fabric by color and establish a place for your needles, ruler, and scissors.

Label Organization System
The Buzz

The Cricut Supplies

Organizing your Cricut craft room? Repurpose a bar cart and label each shelf and container.

Label Organization for Kids

Kid's Labels

Encourage your kids to be more independent with an organization system just for them. Practice using a label system with your kids and encourage them to tidy their space.

Kid's Book Organization Labels
Playground Parkbench

The Books

Organize and label books by author, topic, or series to make your child's favorites easy to find.

Playroom Labels
Bless'er House

The Toys

Make cleanup easy with a basket or tote for each category of toys. Get a label for cars, dolls, play food, puzzles, blocks, legos, and stuffed animals.

Custom Storage Labels
Real Homes

Storage Labels

Extra storage doesn't have to be ugly! Uniform containers and labels make things look neat while making supplies and decorations much easier to find.

The Storage Bins

Do you know what is in your storage bins? Holiday decorations, hand-me-downs, and camping equipment likely fill your garage or basement shelves. Organize all that and more, and make it easily accessible with labeled totes.

Filing System Labels
The Idea Room

The Filing System

Whether you keep your paperwork in a home office or filed away in the basement, clear categories and labels are essential. Label a folder for insurance, real estate, employment, financial, health, and automobile documents.

Here is an excellent guide for setting up a home filing system.

The Paper Clutter

Cut down the clutter with dedicated baskets for important mail. Label a folder for bills, coupons, invitations, magazines, and other essential papers. Try a home command center with a letter sorter like this one or a hanging wall pocket like this.

Make a List - Start Labeling!

Ready to label? First, declutter and sort. Next, Make a list of what you would like to label for each space. Third, gather your plastic containers, canisters, baskets, and folders.

Let us do the rest! Simply choose your favorite style, shape, and font, provide a list of what you would like the labels to say, and place your order for beautiful labels personalized just for your home.

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