OmieBox: The Lunchbox That Keeps Food Fresh and Kids Happy

Is the OmieBox worth the hype? OmieBox bento boxes are our best-selling lunchbox for kids, and for good reason. The innovative design, excellent reviews, and game-changing accessories put the OmieBox at the top of many back-to-school shopping lists.

It's All in the Details

The unique design of the OmieBox is what makes it different from other bento boxes on the market. The lunchbox was designed by a mom with kids in mind. The easy-to-open box, built-in thermos, and leak-proof seal make the OmieBox special.

The OmieBox is the only bento box with a built-in thermos. The box has a square collar that holds the thermos in place in the bottom right corner of the lunchbox. The thermos has an easy-to-turn handle so kids can easily open and close it themselves at lunchtime. The thermos and square collar is removable to make space for sandwiches, wraps, and other cold lunch foods.

The OmieBox has three main compartments in a double-walled, air-insulated tray to keep food outside the thermos cold. Each compartment can be divided even further with colorful dividers and OmieDip Containers.

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Tips for Keeping Food Hot in the OmieBox

Lunchtime is a taste of home for your child during the school day. You want food to stay hot or cold until your child opens the box, especially for picky eaters.

Omie has excellent tips on their website for keeping food hot in the thermos until lunchtime. First, pour hot water into the thermos and let it sit for a few minutes without the lid. The hot water heats up the steel thermos and preheats it for your pasta, rice, or pizza bites. Next, warm up the food as warm as possible. Empty the thermos, fill it with the warmed food and close the lid tightly to make a seal.

The thermos has two stainless steel walls and will keep food warm for up to six hours. It can also be used for cold foods like yogurt and fruit salad.

OmieBox Lunch Ideas

What can you pack in your OmieBox? The ability to pack hot and cold foods together changes the game. So what should you pack? We rounded up inspiring lunch ideas your kids will love.

Start with the Lunch Ideas page on the Omie website. They put together the best lunch ideas, recipes, and configuration ideas to make packing lunch a breeze. Our favorite is the build-your-own pizza kit! OmieDip containers hold pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni slices, and mini pita bread.

The One Lovely Life blog has two weeks of healthy school lunch ideas using their OmieBoxes. They recommend using a formula to make packing lunches easier: protein + carb + fruit/veg + something fun. A few ideas include yogurt and granola parfaits, veggies and meatballs, and turkey roll-ups.

Looking for hot lunch recipes? The Live Simply blog has 22 hot lunch ideas your child will love. Chicken noodle soup, fried rice, and chicken tenders are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

The Best OmieBox Accessories for Easy Packing

OmieBox accessories make packing lunches easy. No more forgetting utensils! The OmiePod Utensils Set is a great reusable option that kids love. The kit has a dishwasher-safe, BPA-free spoon, fork, and OmiePod. The pod wraps around the lunchbox handle, and the utensils fit neatly inside. There are tons of colors available to match your OmieBox or mix and match your favorite colors.

The OmieBox on its own has three separate compartments. One for the removable thermos, one along the side, and one along the top. If your child doesn't like their food mixed together or craves their favorite sauces and dips, OmieDip Containers are a game-changer. Each pack comes with a set of two leakproof containers with lids. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Use them to create partitions in the OmieBox or to pack fruit, vegetables, yogurt, dips, and more.

One of the newest members of the Omie family is the OmieSnack Container. They are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and fit inside the OmieBox when the thermos is removed. Our favorite way to use a OmieSnack is for travel. Use them to pack blueberries, pretzels, crackers, and more.

Customize an OmieBox

Kids don't just love one thing. Unicorns and cheer? Soccer and space? Dinosaurs and cars? We've customized OmieBoxes with all the combinations to make special lunchboxes that are a perfect fit for our customers.

We use our UV printer to print the artwork you choose directly on the OmieBox for a high-end, durable finish. Choose an icon to print above the Omie logo and one below the logo for the perfect custom combination. 

If you want to decorate your lunchbox with something less permanent, check out our new OmieBox stickers. Each sticker set is printed on high-quality 3M vinyl and is removable without leaving adhesive residue behind. Kids will love decorating their lunchbox and can mix and match designs to make something unique.

The perfect finishing touch to any OmieBox? Your child's name in the font and color of their choice! They will love seeing their name and artwork on a special lunchbox just for them.

What Parents Are Saying About OmieBox

"My daughter's first and BEST lunchbox ever!"

"We loved it! So cute!"

"This was better than I expected. The colors are vibrant, very sturdy, and the accessories were perfect. Thank you for suggesting them to me. My grandson loved it."

"Fast shipping, seller was nice and answered my questions. Beautiful work!"

"What a pleasure to work with! The product is amazing and adorable. Definitely recommend to all!"

"Absolutely adorable. Quick shipping and great customer service. My granddaughter loves it."

"I love this lunchbox! I'm so happy I purchased it for my daughter and the food stays warm until lunch time."

"Loved the first one so much I ordered a second right away! Thank you!"

"Excellent communication and customer service!"

"Beautiful personalization. I so appreciated that the seller sent a prototype photo first. It gave me a chance to tweak the outcome. Very receptive to my request. I ordered two. I LOVE how they turned out! AND SO DO MY KIDS."

"My son loves his lunchbox! The vinyl is quality and will not budge during a wash. Thank you!"

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