Our Story

We're Reimagines and we're here to help you bring ideas to life. Unique designs, innovative technology, and high-quality products.

Reimagines is a family-owned and operated business in Somerset, Kentucky. The business started when I was a high school teacher in 2019. I worked at my kitchen table to make personalized decals with a Cricut and roll of black vinyl. We quickly needed more space and moved to our office in downtown Somerset.

As the business grew, we invested in game-changing technology and equipment. Our Roland VG2-540 came first and opened the doors to full-color prints and a variety of materials. Our offering of black vinyl decals expanded into full-color decals, banners, wall fabric, and static clings.

The addition of a new Roland LEF2-300D UV printer has expanded our customization offerings.  We now have the ability to print directly onto almost anything including notebooks, lunch boxes, accessories, giftware, ceramics, and countless other products.

As Reimagines continues to grow and evolve, our core principles will never change.  We will always focus on our customers and providing great customer service.  Pleasing customers with excellent products, service and attention to their specific needs is our goal.