Coordinate Plane Whiteboard Cling Set

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Coordiante Plane Whiteboard Clings are a great addition to any math classroom. Peel, apply, remove, and reuse as you practice math facts with your students. Perfect for hands-on activities, stations, or learning together as a class! Students will love moving the cling counters around.

Our coordinate plane clings are printed on high-quality static cling material. It "clings" to whiteboards without adhesive making it easy to remove, reposition, and reuse.

Choose from 52 colors or request custom colors below. Feel free to email with any other personalization requests.

Each bundle includes one hundreds coordinate plane and 28 cling counters. Choose from four sizes to fit your space: 12 inch (.5 inch counters), 16 inch (.7 inch counters), 18 inch (.8 inch counters) or 24 inch (1 inch counters).

You will receive:
- 1 Coordiante Plane Cling
- 20 Counter Clings