Custom Checkered Whiteboard Cling Borders

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No more printing, laminating, and hot gluing paper borders to your whiteboard! These checkered bulletin board borders are a beautiful addition to any classroom. Choose your two favorite colors for a checkered border that is just your style for your whiteboard. Color One is the background color and Color Two is the color the the squares.

Borders are sold per strip. Each strip is three inches tall and four feet wide. Border clings are easy to cut and layer for the perfect fit for your board.

Clings are so easy to apply. Simply remove the border from the backing and apply it to your whiteboard. The borders cling to the board without adhesive so you can easily reposition them. Apply with water to make it even easier to reposition your clings.

Watch this tutorial to make application even easier:

Moving classrooms? No problem! Whiteboard border clings are reusable. Simply take them down and reapply them to the backing or parchment paper until you are ready to reapply.

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