Whiteboard Cling Calendar Set

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No more printing, cutting, and laminating to create a classroom calendar display! Our Whiteboard Calendar Clings are removable and reusable. They "cling" to whiteboards without adhesive and cling to each other to create a neat and clean calendar display.
Each Whiteboard Calendar Cling set includes one calendar cling with days of the week and a calendar grid, 12 monthly clings, and 31 number clings. Simply peel and stick to add the month and numbers to the calendar grid. Store excess clings on the backing to keep them looking as good as new.
Customize it to create a calendar display that fits your classroom décor. Choose from round and square numbers, choose a colorway or pick your favorite colors, choose a font, and select a size. See images for all of the options and mockups for each of the sizes.
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