All Smiles Ten Frame Whiteboard Clings

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It's easy to demonstrate base-ten number concepts on the whiteboard with Ten Frame All Smiles Clings.

Ten frame clings are printed on high-quality static cling material. It "clings" to whiteboards without adhesive making it easy to remove, reposition, and reuse. It also "clings" to itself so you can apply the faces directly to the ten frame cling.

Each bundle includes one ten frame cling and 10 happy faces counter clings.

Choose from six colorways (classic yellow, green/blue, pink/purple, yellow/orange, pastels, or earth tones) or choose from our list of custom colors and include your choices in the options below. Choose from 18 font options to customize the text to match your classroom decor. All the ways to customize are in the listing photos. Feel free to email with any other personalization requests.

You will receive:
- One ten frame cling
- 10 smiling face clings