Mini Pencil Calendar Whiteboard Cling Set

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Give life to your whiteboard with a pencil mini calendar cling set. Choose from several color and font options to match your classroom décor. Clings "cling" to the whiteboard without adhesive and are removable and repositionable. Simply peel from the backing and apply to your whiteboard. Put it back on the backing to save it for next week.

Choose from a selection of stylish colors and pick your favorite font. Your custom bundle will include 5 days of the week clings (M-F), 12 month clings, 31 number clings, 2 year clings for the current school year, eraser cling, and pencil top cling.

All clings are 3" tall. The day and month clings are 7.5" wide, number clings are 3.3" wide, and year clings are 4.7" wide.